Sources of plans

We know of archives of plans for the following architects:

  1. Anker, Johan: the National Naval Museum of Oslo has plans for his boats.  

  2. Boyd, David:  The Archivist, Argyll & Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilpead, Scotland, PA31 8RT

  3. Camatte, François: some plans at the Musée National de la Marine, Paris;  a second collection held by a Camatte descendant in the south of France; a third partial collection at the departmental museum of Gironde near Bordeaux.

  4. Camper & Nicholson:  The National Maritime Museum, Woolwich.

  5. Fife, Wm et al.: Fairlie Restorations, Unit 4, Port Hamble, Hants SO31 4NN, England (

  6. McGruer, James:,

  7. Alfred Mylne:

  8. Reimers, Knud: his plans for FIN 65 Bambi were found at the Stockholm Maritime Museum (

  9. Stephens, Olin II:

Norske Veritas in Oslo has a complete archive of plans of those Sixes built in Norway and Sweden whose construction they surveyed.

We also know of the non-existence of plans following architects:

    1. Reinhard Drewitz: they were confiscated by the Stasi of the D.D.R. when Drewitz's successor, Helmut Rührdanz, was imprisonned for having listened to some young East Berliners mention their desire to tunnel to the West.  To date, they have not re-emerged from the Stasi archives.

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